(P=Producer M=Mixer E=Engineer)
2018 Chaos Chaos Kanye's Bday Song M
2018 Chaos Chaos Chaos Chaos P/E
2017 BRAZEE The Robin In The Sycamore M
2017 Golden Suits Bad Timing P/E/M
2016 Punskription Native Brains:Foreign Hearts M
2016 Pantaleon TBD P/E/M
2016 Matt Shapiro TBD P/E/M
2016 Company Ghost A Dog's Purpose Trailer/Universal P/M
2016 Stevie B Wolf Racing To The Next Red Light P/E/M
2015 Sunjacket Mantra P/E/M
2015 Golden Suits Kubla Khan P/E/M
2015 Kyle Wilson Saks Fifth Avenue/Commercial P/E/M
2015 Chaos Chaos Adult Swim/Rick and Morty E
2015 Stargroves TBA E
2015 Matt Shapiro Metaphysical P/E/M
2014 Chaos Chaos Committed To The Crime P/E
2014 Milagres Violent Light P/E
2013 Time Travelers Stormalong EP P/E/M
2013 Bear Hunt Controversy EP P/E/M
2013 Golden Suits Golden Suits P/E
2013 Teddy Blanks Therapy M
2013 Sunfighters No Master P/E/M
2013 !!! Unreleased E
2011 Milagres Glowing Mouth P/E/M
2010 Inlets Inter Arbiter E
2010 Mama Bear How We Go E/M
2009 Holiday Shores Columbus'd The Whim M
2008 The Secret Life of Sofia Seven Summits E/M
2006 Mistakes Crying Tiger Lady P/E/M